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Investors in Africa look beyond extractives

This year’s Africa Investment Report brings to mind the new edition of Marcelo Giugale’s excellent book, Economic Development: What Everyone Needs To Know. If you sometimes wished you had bought property in Mumbai, Shanghai or Rio 10 years ago, the […]

U.S. Needs to Avoid Casting Off Africa

Helping develop manufacturing across Africa will be a profitable long-term investment for the U.S. For well over a decade, it has been increasingly difficult to find issues on which Republicans and Democrats in the U.S. can agree, but this is […]

‘Make America Great Again’ in Africa

“If President Donald Trump is to “Make America Great Again” he cannot afford to ignore Africa,” Rosa Whitaker writes in The Hill. “It is in this region of over one billion people — the world’s second-fastest growing continent — that the rise of China and the relative decline in U.S. power is more stark than in any other.”