TWG is a premier transaction advisory, project facilitation and development firm specializing in Africa. The partner of choice for Fortune 500 companies, we have facilitated several billion dollars in investment projects and capital flows across the continent and have recently started making our own direct investments in African companies.

Founded in 2003 by Rosa Whitaker, the first ever Assistant U.S. Trade Representative for Africa under the Administrations of Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton, TWG operates at the nexus of US-Africa economic policy, trade and business development. With offices in Washington, DC, and Accra, Ghana, and strategic partners across Africa, we provide unsurpassed access to opportunities and leaders across the continent.

TWG’s success derives from its deep understanding of how to get things done in Africa.  TWG’s knowledge, and that of its proprietary network, is rooted in decades of experience and has proven uniquely valuable to a diverse range of clients and strategic partners.   Our track record designing and executing customized, compliant “ground-games” across the Continent is the reason global brands and boutique investors have chosen and trusted The Whitaker Group.

Rosa Whitaker and the multi-lingual TWG team are at the forefront of the African business and investment landscape – not as spectators, but as participants helping to shape the continent’s rise on the global stage. With team fluency in English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Hebrew, Twi and Ga, TWG brings an unmatched ability to communicate effectively on the global stage.